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Brigitte Rau

When you visit Black Rock Gallery at Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County, be sure to take some time to investigate the organic skin care products offered by Brigitte Rau of Charlottesville.

Perhaps you’ve seen the catch phrase “herbal ingredients” plastered on products in your local pharmacy and grocery store for years, and you've come to learn that such phrases can be hollow. But there’s a reason behind the name that Brigitte has given to her organic olive oil body care products for sensitive skin – Brigit True Organics—and learning the reason is key to understanding why a growing number of people prefer buying such products from this local artisan.

Some Background

Born in southern Germany, Brigitte Rau grew up close to her grandmother, who passed on a love and knowledge of plants and gardening.  Later in life, her respect for nature gained a new dimension when she was educated in the European tradition of herbalism.

After moving to the US in 1999, Brigitte started to create healing balms, incorporating old-world herbalism and new-world organic ingredients. The balms proved popular in local markets.

In December of 2000, she and her husband moved to Charlottesville, where they set up shop to make the Brigit True Organics (BTO) line of artisinal body care.

What are “True Organics”?

“By combining certified organic ingredients — organic olive oil, native herbs and flowers, and pure aroma-therapeutic essential oils — I create simple, luxurious formulations designed to work with the body and the earth,” says Brigitte.

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“Old World quality means no synthetic perfumes or coloring, no animal byproducts or testing, and no chemistry-set ingredients,” she adds.  “All products are lovingly handcrafted with herbal formulations, emphasizing pure herbal ingredients that stimulate the body’s own healthy responses. All of BTO’s products are 75 to 99.5% organic and, in fact, I use food-grade ingredients wherever possible, making all my products edible.”

Once, skin care was about using the healing qualities of Mother Earth’s bounty, Brigitte explains. Herbs and essences were combined in formulations refined over generations, based upon knowledge that was passed down from mother to daughter.

“But somewhere along the way, skin care turned into chemistry-set ingredients and promises of eternal youth,” she says.  “Herbal ingredients became marketing catch-phrases, and the old recipes were forgotten. In a rush to modernity, something was lost.” 

So there really is a Brigit

Shoppers looking at the soaps and lotions at Black Rock Gallery often ask if there is really is a Brigit behind Brigit True Organics.

There are actually two Brigits behind BTO.

“One is my inspiration, the Celtic goddess Brigit,” says Brigitte. Worshipped for thousands of years at her shrine in Kildare, Ireland, Brigit (also called Bridget or Brigantia) represents the virtues of healing and herbalism, as well as poetry and writing, fire and smithcraft, Brigitte explains.

The other is, of course, Brigitte Rau herself, who promotes her organics, but prefers to keep a low profile.  Those who are fortunate enought to become acquainted with this kind, soft-spoken, intelligent lady become even more devoted customers of her exquisite skin-care products.

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